The Lucky Napkin Company assists people of all levels of experience in taking their ideas from Mind to Market.

Founded by 4 of the country’s top self-made entrepreneurs, we roll up our sleeves, open our rolodexes, and map out the road for great ideas and great people who have what it takes to be successful.

We are not another “invention company” nor small business advisors. We are in the business of birthing great ideas. We are real entrepreneurs, with the first hand knowledge, contacts and access to capital to get great ideas to market and breathe business life into visionary concepts.

Do you have the next great idea? Would you like to learn more about how the Lucky Napkin Company might be able to help you? Give us your email and we’ll plug you in to our growing network to assist you with your idea.

What We Offer
  • • An Objective Assessment
  • • Design
  • • Infrastructure
  • • An Academic Review
  • • Marketing
  • • Management
  • • A Team of Experts
  • • Advertising
  • • Human Resources
  • • Finely Tuned Instincts
  • • Promotions
  • • Insurance
  • • Access To Capital
  • • Public Relations
  • • Intellectual Property
  • • A Golden Rolodex
  • • Planning
  • • Legal
  • • A Suite of Critical Services
  • • Accounting
  • • Sales