Who We Are

Q. What happens when you get 4 self-made entrepreneurs together and ask them to dream up a plan that they can all agree on to help other people with great ideas be successful?

A. The Lucky Napkin

You’ve probably heard a story or two about that now famous CEO Zillionaire who was once broke but one day came up with a great idea, scratched out a business model on the back of a lucky napkin, got financed, built a company and is now rich and thought “B.S., that is not the way business works, it just ain’t that easy.”

And the truth is you are right. It ain’t easy, but the stories are true, it has happened and it is possible. There are thousands of Lucky Napkins out there, great ideas, simply planned and properly executed that achieve monumental business success and our company is here to find them, and help them grow.

We’re a company founded by entrepreneurs, providing both prospective and active entrepreneurs with information, education, opportunity and access to a suite of critical services needed to take their raw ideas from mind to market and their businesses from creation to cash flow.